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Maserati 3500GTi (AM101.2606) EN


Maserati 3500GTI (AM101.2606)





This is an original and very authentic vehicle. First paint, original interior (seats, panels, etc.). The car is full matching numbers and has the following – original – specifications: fuel injection, wire wheels, air conditioning, headrest on the right.

The history is fully documented, there were three owners: 03/21/1965 (first registration): Giovanni Tarabolo; Milan; February 18: Paolo Camillo Parigi; Milan. As of 12/13/2014: the current owner. The car has a German H marking.

We have looked after the car since 2014; since then, the following components have been uncompromisingly brought to the LP standard: front axle, steering, rear axle, brake system, gearbox, fuel supply, metering system, fuel pump (LUCAS); injection system, etc. The work we carry out is documented in detail by workshop reports and pictures; as well as the annual maintenance and inspection work carried out. In total, there are invoices for around €60,000.

The car has been serviced and maintained with the utmost care and is in excellent driving condition. One of the very few cars that could still be used reliably as a daily driver in its highly original condition.

The body of the Maserati 3500GT was developed by Carozzeria Touring. According to the “Superleggera” principle, a work of art was created from a tubular steel “skeleton” that was encased in a beautiful aluminum body. This is an incomparably original 3500GTi that has only had three owners and is in perfect driving condition.