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Maserati 3500GT (AM101.022) EN

MASERATI 3500GT (AM101.022)







This Maserati with serial number AM101.022 is proven (confirmed by Maserati Classic) to be the second oldest existing 3500GT production vehicle. The car was delivered in Rome on March 27, 1958. The very first 3500GTs are all unique and have many details that were lost after the start of series production. For example, our car has: Maserati A6CG Zagato dashboard; the cylinder head still has – as with the 250F – the sockets for accommodating the water collection pipe for cooling the cylinder head. During the restoration of the engine, we came across camshafts that are far removed from the standard design in terms of design; the width of the car is narrower than that of later vehicles (from serial number 102) and the rocker panels are much more pronounced. Overall, the car feels much sportier than any later vehicles.


AM101.022 was factory upgraded (also documented) in 1960 with disc brakes (front) and five speed gearbox. The further history until today is fully known and documented. The car was purchased by the current owner in May 2013 and has undergone an uncompromising full restoration since 2015. The vehicle was restored in over 4000 hours according to the LP-Standard. The work is fully documented by workshop reports, photos and invoices for €320,000. The aim of the restoration was the repair of the body and technology to LP-Standards, but with the greatest possible preservation of the original substance. A detailed description can be found here:


Coach building: Maserati 3500GT (AM101.022)


Classic Maserati GTs are one-offs. Handmade works of art that were created in small series. AM101.022 is probably the most interesting and valuable Maserati 3500GT for its specification and the quality and transparency of the restoration.


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