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Maserati (B)Log-Book: “La Latina” – Well traveled and simply unique.

Anyone who is interested in cars of a very special class is spot on with "the Latina": The Maserati 3500 GT from 1959 is one of five 3500 GTs that were sold in Mexico and this is exactly where the vehicle's nickname comes from.
The first delivery took place in 1960 via the Mexican Maserati importer Automotriz O'Farill to Mexico City. 
According to unconfirmed reports, the first owner was Adolfo Lopez Mateos (Mexican President from 1958 to 1964). 
The history has been documented in detail since 1966: 1966 the car was bought by engineer Roberto Sarquis, who had the body repainted after 47,961 km; 
The car was decommissioned in 1972 and arrived in the USA in 2011 via the American Maserati enthusiast and founder of MIE, Frank Mandarano. 
It is not for nothing that Mandarano describes the Latina in his films and texts as a real work of art. Leo B. Peschl was also impressed by the vehicle when he bought it in 2015 and brought it to Germany. 
Anyone who knows the unmistakable engine noise of the 3500 GT and loves the sporty driving of the late 50s will not be able to avoid this vehicle.

The Latina (chassis number AM101.686) is an extremely authentic vehicle with an original interior; the car is absolutely rust-free and is in a very good driving condition.

Delivery Specifications:
Body colour: Bianco Neve (SAVIDIN 4507)
Interior color: Rosso (CONNOLY code 1543).