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United around one goal

The company of LEO B. PESCHL Classic Sports Cars GmbH was established
by merging the well established companies: Linnartz Oldtimer GmbH and British Car Service.

Fred Wagner

Workshop Manager

Helmut Wobbe


Jan Tophoven

Hans Werner Zimmer


Danjel Minokovic


Simon Stopp


Robert Winkens


Leo B. Peschl

Managing Director

Expertise all around

We know what is important for the lovers of thoroughbred cars and we make sure that you and your car will get the best possible care. We have established the proper basis to keep this promise:

1) Our employees have a track record of experience in the restoration, maintenance and repair of classic automobiles. All of them have either a master craftsman’s diploma or comparable qualification.

2) We have unique tools and facilities available, such as straightening benches, fixtures,etc. to guarantee top-quality professional service.

3) Over the past years we succeeded in establishing an excellent network of local contractors and subcontractors, especially for bodywork and overhaul of brake systems.

4) Stringent project management, systematic capacity planning and a unique stock of spare parts ensure that we meet our deadlines.

5) The complete documentation of all cars restored or maintained by us is filed away and protected by password. When the car has been sold the new owner will be able to follow up the development of his car.