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Maserati Ghibli 4700 (AM115.818) EN

MASERATI GHIBLI 4700 (AM115.818)





This car is a very early model and was completed in December 1968. The car was first registered in Switzerland on 10/31/1970. The full history in Switzerland is not exactly known, but until 04/11/1991 it was owned by Mecanique Navale, Grand Rue 52, CH 1095 Lutry. On this date, the car was deregistered and shut down.

AM115.818 was acquired by the current owner in December 2013 and has undergone an uncompromising full restoration since 2015. In doing so the vehicle was restored in over 4000 hours according to the LP standard. The works are fully supported by workshop reports, pictures and invoices over € 230,000 documented. A detailed description can be found on our homepage:


Coach building: Maserati Ghibli 4700 (AM115.818)


Classic Maserati GTs are one-offs. Handmade works of art created in small series. Lovers appreciate its elegance and expressiveness. This car is probably one of the most lavishly restored and best Maserati Ghibli currently available worldwide.