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Maserati Sebring S1 (AM101.02123)

Serial number: AM101.02123
Other serial numbers (engine block; internal production number): 2288

The Maserati Sebring Series 1 with the serial number AM101.02123 was completed in July 1964 and on 27.7. to the Swiss Maserati dealer Martinelli & sonvico; Via Dante 4; Delived to Chiasso.

In 1993 the car was owned by Kees van Stokkum. In 2004 I bought the car from F.Weynschenk and commissioned an uncompromising restoration.The restoration took place between 2005 and 2010. A detailed account of the restoration can be followed here.

The seller has owned the car since 2014. The car s in excellent condition and has a German H-Registration. A valuation report is available.